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Gerlan Jeans' Tribute to New York City

Gerlan Jeans’ F/W 2012 is such a breath of fresh air right after New York Fashion Week, which after several days occupying this city has just bled into the same hooplah in another town, London. It seems like it's always Fashion Week somewhere. Gerlan Marcel, who did not show a collection during NYFW, chose to meditate on what her own sense of fashion means to her New York City, and it feels especially honest and authentically spirited. It's a little dose of real New York, what it means to hustle and be true to your artistic vision in the face of The Trend and the bottom-line abiding fashion machine. It also makes us super excited for this season and our Spring Fashion issue, featuring a long profile on Marcel and her whimsical and teen-angsty Spring/Summer 2012 "Mall Witch" collection.

Gerlan Jeans' Tribute to New York City