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World Premiere! The FADER #78 Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown


Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown are very different rappers. Lamar is quiet, mostly modest, nobly contemplative. Brown is brash and gross, mesmerized equally by his own penis and the destruction of a mind through drug abuse. But where they're the same is that they are both immeasurably talented rappers with unique gifts for language. We are lucky that rap is in a place where dudes of all kinds of nerdy vocabularies are having a moment. We sent Andrew Noz out to LA to meet with Lamar, which included a trip to his mom's house and plenty of time with his Black Hippy compatriots, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab Soul. Noz gets pretty deep into their craft. If you've ever wanted someone to explain why rap is good, this is the one to read. In the middle of the country, Duncan Cooper hung out at home with Danny Brown. They got pizza there (and in New York, too), and discussed how he made it to 30, why that's been such a hard slog and how it makes his glide into the spotlight is so much sweeter. And, yes, they briefly discuss his hair. We also went to Jamaica! Jace Clayton aka DJ Rupture, along with photographer Alex Welsh, reunited The Congos with Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras to look at what made their collaborative album, Icon Give Thank, both difficult and rewarding, and ultimately a new frontier for the former's legendary reggae and the latter's California experimentalism. And because it's the Spring Style issue, we've got some incredible clothes. Amber Bravo spends time with Gerlan Marcel of Gerlan Jeans to deliver a meditation on the future of neon and mall gear, and as a palate cleanser to all that (literal) slime, we went to Portugal to photograph some beautiful all-white clothing. All this and more in your new FADER, on stands March 6th and online starting right now.

Read our entire Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy cover feature here, and our Danny Brown cover feature here. Head over to our Facebook page to preview exclusive photos and text from the rest of FADER #78.

World Premiere! The FADER #78 Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown