Video: French Montana f. Charlie Rock, Diddy and Rick Ross, “Shot Caller (Remix)”

It must feel great to be a New Yorker again. With “Shot Caller”, French Montana has become a presence in his own right, with help from rising star producer Harry Fraud. The track feels so New York that French and Fraud had to get Diddy on it, flipping briefly into the “Benjamins” beat, because that was the last era that new money in hip hop sounded so classy. New York’s rap style is cosmopolitan first and foremost, and that’s something other regions could never imitate.

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  1. Bee-Z says:

    “New York’s rap style is cosmopolitan first and foremost, and that’s something other regions could never imitate.”

    Huh? By being cosmopolitan you are imitating.

    Sure, NYC is a melting pot, etc and has strength in being able to synthesize cultural ideas but it is totally imitable. Especially in this day and age.

    On the other hand… Strong regional identity is impossible to imitate. You either have it or you don’t.

  2. David Drake says:

    If cosmopolitan recombination of the melting pot can be imitated then so can ‘strong regional identity.’ there’s nothing that makes one easier than the other.

  3. chuck says:

    it’s cool saying this in chelsea maybe on 23rd st. but ahh … nyc rap? the masses that were bamboozled by this b.s. are just starting to realize those guys were all they had back in 98 and this new brand of rap is just getting phonier. i listen to the old stuff now disgustingly. if under privileged youth showed me a glimpse into a world i wouldn’t care about otherwise, as a consumer, i’m eating it up like tikka masala and halwa when das racist start talking about spinning sufis and padma lakshmi. now you have ppl in hip hop saying they’re hippies. since when was it cool for a hippie to say he’s a hippie? trust hip hop to turn a stigma into a “golden calf.” you have artist saying “no snitching” yet it’s cool to say you’re a “gangsta?” Gotti never was hawked down by papparazzi only to say he was a victim of the system that just oops … happen to be a gangster!!! whoever oppresses you ” (e.g. cops) should be hidden from the masses like that thread strand that sticks out on the collar of your brand new sartorial italian blazer. obviously rappers like sean carter should’ve took a glance at john mcwhorter’s losing the race: self-sabotage in black america instead of quickly saying banal responses like “don’t hate” or “you don’t know me.” now that the streets stopped buying nyc hip hop clothing lines like sean john and rocawear he’s trying to appeal to rural america by saying verbatim, “We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or streetwear brand.” if embracing dubstep wasn’t enough who’s going to stop him from putting hip hop in the hands of chris martin (not premo) and a little half breed college kids that tosses around the n word like he’s not sure what side of the tracks he belongs. not to mention this song. a huge inconsistency is an ethiopian saying he did it for “ny,” talking about taking over the city like it’s the new addis ababa. that’s not cosmopolitan. that’s just called a freestyle punchline rapper from nyc deciding to conform to the southern style was the thing to do if you’re an nyc rapper and you’re out of options creatively. i don’t know what streets he took over but it probably reeks of gucci mane eau de toilette and some canadian maple syrup flavored aroma candle. as ridiculous as some rapper named mann getting 16,000,000 views on vevo from a song called buzzin and nobody knows who the hell he is still. talent-less one dimensional artist with jewish backing (pardon me mr. stone and mr. cohen.) if there are young bohemian talents out there that excel in the arts and know about music as a whole as a opposed to this nonsense they must not live in urban areas. we sure know how to market buffoonery over here. a friendly urban face or a progressively rebellious one with “cosmopolitan” credentials i suppose would be labeled a “nerd” or a “sell out?” this magazine isn’t aimed towards an urban crowd. this magazine is made for jewish kids from williamsburg to read to encourage them to keep listening to smooth psychedelic ambient music not for bedford stuyvesant kids that want to know if nyc rap is still relevant and independent. why do you guys still post this stuff? oh!!! to be condescendingly genius. there is an upside to this but this isn’t the time or place to mention it because i can stop and i will stop.

  4. chuck says:

    i just wana hear a cosmopolitan clash album (not with the clash singing of course) not the one talking about shorty. do we know shorty? how many west indians or hispanic ppl are on this song? they make up for a huge amount of nyc street root hip hop culture. change that “shorty” to “dee gyal” or “mami,” which (nobody wants to hear) and put a soca drumline in that song and there’s your cosmopolitan. couple miles of the coast of are good ole u.s. of a. the other ethnicities? i don’t remember them being relevant ever. nyc got taken over by children of poor foreigners and the rest of american urban culture realized this so we moved to a more authentically american south. now we’re back to this dysfunctional local melting pot that is just as strong as the u.n. army of the ready and willing. cosmopolitan? let’s say cricket is the american past time. umm … nah!

  5. chuck says:

    our good*

  6. chuck says:

    pardon me i was rushing while writing these responses but you get the gyst.

  7. inmyroom says:

    chuck, i want to ask “what the f**ck are you talking about?” but i’m afraid you’ll answer.