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Big Baby Gandhi f. Das Racist, “Blue Magic” MP3

March 01, 2012

Born-and-bred Queens rapper Big Baby Gandhi is one of the most promising dudes in Himanshu Suri's Greedhead wheelhouse. His penchant for gruffness is displayed on "Blue Magic" from his upcoming tape, NO1 2 LOOK UP 2. Gandhi's first release Big Fucking Baby was an entirely self-produced effort and pretty lo-fi, but this track is much more polished. Das Racist appear as guests, Kool A.D. interpolating Boogie Down Productions' "Criminal Minded," Heems referencing Kanye West's "Two Words". Gandhi gets deep into his verse, half-yelping the last few bars. To get a real feel for his charisma, see Gandhi live—New York can check him out opening for Main Attrakionz at Glasslands in Brooklyn this Sunday, March 4th. NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 (tracklist below) is out on March 30th.

Download: Big Baby Gandhi f. Das Racist, "Blue Magic"

01. Long Ass Intro (prod. by Gandhi)
02. Blue Magic ft. Das Racist (prod. by Gandhi)
03. All Over These Titties f. Chippy Nonstop (prod. by Mike Finito)
04. Turbo (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
05. Drink a Lil Pepsi (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
06. Boogie Nights (prod. by Gandhi)
07. Get $$$ (prod. by Hot Sugar)
08. Hi It’s Me, Baby (prod. by Hot Sugar)
09. American Experience (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
10. Stack City (prod. by Gandhi)
11. Been a Villain (prod. by Hot Sugar)
12. Post Nihilism (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
13. Eulogy (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
14. True Blood f. Lakutis and DVS (prod. by Cutty Carmichael)
15. 360 Degrees (prod. by Gandhi)
16. Lurkin ft. Fat Tony (prod. by Hot Sugar)
17. Mobile Number (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)
18. Is This All For Real (Remix) (prod. by Gandhi)

Big Baby Gandhi f. Das Racist, “Blue Magic” MP3