Video: Faye, “Come to Me”

When she was 14, Fanny Hamlin’s Swedish pop group, Play, toured with Destiny’s Child, ‘N Sync and Aaron Carter. Their song “Us Against the World” was featured in an Olsen twins movie and covered by Hilary Duff on Lizzie McGuire. In the song’s music video, one member of the group defeats two school bus hijackers with an aerial double-kick, then everybody goes to a fashion show. Twelve years later, Hamlin has dusted herself off and is setting out solo. Her debut single as Faye, “Come to Me,” was produced in collaboration with the Stockholm duo Montauk, who’re working with Hamlin on her upcoming album for Hybrism. The video was directed with typical ethereality by Mattias Erik Johansson. It’s a slow-burner for sure, with creeping electronics building up like straw men for her eventual, nearly a cappella breakthrough at 1:50, when she sings freeeee meeee. It’s a cathartic moment—maybe understandably, looking at her musical background up to this point—and one paving the way for an exciting next chapter.

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