Video: Lil B, “Breath Slow”

With the video for “Breath Slow,” it’s become overwhelmingly clear that Lil B is intimately aware of LARPing. That’s short for “Live Action Role Playing.” Which is short for “Lil B is pretending to be a cowboy who is hiding from an unknown enemy in the ‘Breath Slow’ video.” This is good old fashioned cooking music, requisite off-the-wall references and all. This time around, he’s talking about Spongebob.

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  1. JohnnyMajorsJackBottle says:

    Based god you’re so booooriiingggggggggggg

  2. marc says:

    that ‘BASEDDOG’ adlib inflection he started with ‘MACK MAINE’ on No Ceilings is so tough

    all love to FADER fam for not acting like they’re too good for Based God and Soulja.

  3. Darius says:

    Why does he have on a women’s tank top?! I guess because he wanted but still. And why did I watch this?

  4. Ross says:

    It looks like he lost weight