Beat Construction: Harry Fraud

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  1. Aurich says:

    Back when I was producing I used to devour these kinds of interviews. Not so much to see how other people did their production funnily enough, it was more about seeing if anyone was doing things the same way I was. Not sure what that was about, it wasn’t really validation, I think I was happy to find that people *weren’t* using my methods somehow. Not that it matters one bit.

    Long winded way to say I’ll be reading the rest, even if writing comments like these makes me feel old. ;)

  2. terry says:

    yo noz where’s the part where you shit on this richie rich bologna eatin bitch for rippin off funky child

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  4. Voice says:

    Fraud is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met in hip hop. He doesn’t throw his ego around like some people with his talent do. He’s definitely one of the best producers out there, and I’m glad you gave him a moment in the spotlight!