Download Lil B’s God’s Father Mixtape

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It’s baffling, and it’s inspiring. There’s hardly a music parallel to the seeming effortlessness with which Lil B releases 90-minute-plus mixtapes—his 34-song God’s Father comes barely a month since 21-tracker White Flame. Production-wise, the mainstream sample selection on God’s Father is notable, featuring flips of Hall & Oates, New Edition, Three 6 Mafia, Aaliyah and Rihanna, plus untold less immediately apparent exemplars of creative reuse, like the incredible save screen song from PS2 game Ico on “Flowers Rise.” In terms of instrumentals, this might be the most polished Lil B mixtape ever released. And his lyrics are just as focused, or at least he seems excited to go on record. There are ethereal songs of rebirth, marimba-featuring hip-hop throwbacks, ad libs about adopting cats and going to church. Peerless as always.

Download: Lil B’s God’s Father Mixtape

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  1. KC_in_HD says:

    I always support Brandon, he posted the link on my wall today and the sun shined so brightly I felt like the universe just unfolded. 5 stars!

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  3. nate says:

    I like how the track “I Love You” samples Besaid Island from final fantasy X

  4. Trillmont says:

    Anybody know the sample used in the track “God’s Father”, that gospel bridge and Dilla-esque beat is dopeness on a new level.

  5. Marla says:

    I like it!!!


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