Video: Danny Brown, “Radio Song”

In honor of the deluxe edition of Danny Brown’s XXX mixtape dropping today on iTunes—it comes with three new bonus tracks—the current FADER cover star has released a video for his yuck-mouth track, “Radio Song.” The clip features an assortment of Dannys, like a demented version of that 1996 flick, Multiplicity. But instead of a legion of Michael Keatons, we get a prism of one our favorite Fool’s Gold artists in a grip of graphic tees, including one adorned with the classic image of Frank Zappa on the toilet.

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  1. Roga says:

    danny brown = overrated emo rapper & white music blog’s wet dream. yeah i’m hatin’ y que?!

  2. igontxo says:

    +1 Roga

  3. bk says:

    How is Danny emo? Doesn’t even make sense. You know what makes sense? Using ears to listen to fully realized albums like XXX. Peace, bitches.

  4. bg1 says:

    Danny Brown is emo? Cats must be confusing him for someone else…

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  6. Ross says:

    This song is the truth. Fuck whoever said he’s emo. Probably only listened to, what? Monopoly or Nosebleeds?