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Rustie and Danny Brown Reconnect on the Electrifying “Attak”

Danny Brown and Rustie in 2014 makes too much sense. Both have made beloved, wholly unique music: Rustie pillaging Nintendo 64 sounds melting with bass drops, and Danny Brown facing a mid-life crisis head on … read more »

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Ghostface Killah Teams Up With BADBADNOTGOOD and Danny Brown for “Six Degrees”

Ghostface Killah and Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD have teamed up to release a collaborative 10-inch through Lex Records on June 24, and they have tapped Danny Brown for the A-side first single, “Six Degrees.” The … read more »

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Stream: ZMoney & Danny Brown, “Jug & Finesse”

“Finesse” is top five rap terms right now. It’s one of those great words that sounds like what it means: a subtle yet calculated navigation of a thorny situation, like sneaking past a burly doorman … read more »

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Video: Danny Brown f. Purity Ring, “25 Bucks”

In this solemn new video for Old Side A track “25 Bucks” returns Danny Brown to his childhood home (or something like it), which hangs suspended in time and seems to be haunted by Purity … read more »

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ZELOOPERZ by Tone Foster

Stream: ZelooperZ, “Plateau”

FADER PREMIERE Could ZelooperZ be the Young Thug of Detroit? Now 20, he’s been bottling up all types of shit over the years, it seems, cultivating an extreme style that’s sort of like if Thug … read more »

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Kanye West Is Ready to Try Bonnaroo Again

This summer Kanye West will return to Bonnaroo, for the first time since his disastrous showing six years ago, to headline the three-day festival, alongside Elton John, Jack White, Lionel Richie and Vampire Weekend. In … read more »

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Vampire Weekend f. Danny Brown, Heems and Despot, “Step (Remix”) MP3

“Happy New Year from Vampire Weekend.” January is the actually coldest month of the year, unbroken-up by any holiday or time off from work. Take solace in the sweater of this “wintertime” “Step” remix, for … read more »

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Download suicideyear’s HAVEFUN 001 Mixtape

FADER PREMIERE With languid beats alternating between down-comforter-soft and dragging-a-razor-blade, suicideyear, the Baton Rouge teenager, is arguably the year’s most influential producer without a major label placement. On HAVEFUN 001, a 13-track collection of remixes … read more »

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Danny Brown South Africa

FADER TV: Danny Brown Live In South Africa

Last month, adidas Originals threw a little party in Johannesburg, South Africa that united hometown heroes Okmalumkoolkat, Phat Jack, Tha Cutt, Cuebur and Kat La Kat with international internet darling Danny Brown. The homies at … read more »

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Watch Danny Brown in a Bob Dylan Video

This Christmas, Bob Dylan is dropping a 43-disc box set. To celebrate, he’s released an interactive music video for “Like A Rolling Stone,” which supposedly never appears the same to any two viewers, and features … read more »

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