Stream: Canyons, “When I See You Again” (Nick Zinner Remix)


In recent years, Canyons have made a career out of producing dance music influenced by the actual jungle, some weird things dancing in a cave, an imaginary disco where everyone gets either a bongo drum or a saxophone, and a general inclination for a sort of carefree attitude. It’s that freewheeling-in-a-tank top attitude that is the most appealing of all the different kinds of attitudes. It feels like at some point in life, everyone knew or knows a super chilled out dude. Your own personal Matthew McConaughey—or, if he kind of weirds you out, maybe just Kurt Russell as Captain Ron in the 1992 film Captain Ron. Here, like Duke Dumont before him, Nick Zinner takes on Canyons’ “When I See You Again.” It’s an interesting collaboration, mostly because when we think of Nick Zinner, we think of jagged guitars or that Bloc Party remix he did that sounded like waking up and immediately being bummed out by everything. It is also interesting because Zinner does the exact opposite of what’s expected of him—turning in a breezy piece of string-laden pop that feels like smoking a joint in fluttering silk pants next to an infinity pool.

Stream: Canyons, “When I See You Again” (Nick Zinner Remix)

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