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Stream: Le1f, "Mind Body"


If you've been going out at night in New York in the past few months, chances are you've run into and/or danced to Le1f somewhere since it seems like he's been DJing everywhere. You've probably heard him doing really good, darkly danceable things to pop music, matching Nicki Minaj vocals to Fatima Al Qadiri beats and stuff like that. That kind of pop collage is where he gets his cues for "Mind Body," the first single from a record coming out in April called Dark York. Rapping, singing, chopping, screwing, fast beats, slow ones, everything feeling like it was recorded underwater, splashes that make you think you're coming up for air—it's just the sound of wilding out, forgetting where you are for the briefest of moments. Le1f is as squiggly and joyfully complicated as maneuvering through a crowd and that is a very good thing.

Stream: Le1f, "Mind Body"

Posted: March 20, 2012
Stream: Le1f, "Mind Body"