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DJ Rupture Creates Sufi Plug Ins

As an outcome of his Beyond Digital trip to Morocco, which he and FADER photo editor John Francis Peters documented for this site, Jace Clayton aka DJ Rupture has created a set of what he calls "Sufi Plung Ins" for Ableton users. According to a press release, "SUFI PLUG INS v.1 are seven free audio software tools for Ableton Live (Max4Live, PC/Mac). They include four software synthesizers hardwired to North African maqam scales with quartertone tuning built-in, a device called DEVOTION which lowers your computer’s volume 5 times a day during call to prayer (presets include Agnostic, Fervent, Devout), and a drone machine." The plug ins themselves, which have a purposefully oblique interface "(to non-Amazigh users") that "encourages and rewards experimentation," are not available for download until April 3rd, but for the time being, Rupture has released two videos filmed in Morocco, which are worth watching whether or not you make music on the computer. The above video is about the Muslim call to prayer, and corresponds with the aforementioned devotion plug in. The plug in below is simply and beautifully a handy drone tool. Rupture is currently in Cairo to meet with musicians to suss out their needs for version two.

DJ Rupture Creates Sufi Plug Ins