Video: Lil B, “Ima Eat Her A$$”

Yesterday, NYU announced that Lil B will be speaking at the university in April, certainly marking a culture-crossover high point for an artist whose career is somehow still the object of dismissive, “is this supposed to be ironic” ire. (Though, on the other hand, the seemingly-supportive slew of near-mocking reappraisals of B’s deep ass tweets paint him a little too readily as a clown.) And so, today, doing what he does better than anyone else ever has, propelling himself suicidally straight into the heart of his critics’ complaints, Lil B has donned a grandmother’s floppy beach hat and stick-on face jewels for a music video dedicated to licking butthole. Bitch, you know I’m racist/ I only like the dookie, he raps with a faint grin, before gleefully ad libbing, The booty tastes so good. It’s so nutritious. Mmm, scrumptious! We’ll be at the lecture, taking notes as fast as our fingers allow.

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  1. cal says:

    it’s pretty funny buzzfeed posting tweet number 20

  2. beachesandsauce says:

    this is the fuckin dumbest shit ive ever seen that dude is fuckin joke and a disgrace to hip hop…that shit is just disrespectful wish Tupac was alive to shoot that dood

  3. 206 says: