Stream: King Felix, “SPRING 02″


King Felix is actually Laurel Halo, just with a pseudonym for an EP she’s putting out called Spring. She’s adapted the name from a record from she released a couple of years ago, but Laurel Halo can call herself anything she wants, give herself a masculine moniker, change the pace a little, shroud a project in secrecy, because we always know when it’s her. When the clouds part and some electronic shimmer rains down with little specks of dust caught in the light and you start to feel pretty great about the world, that’s Laurel Halo. It’s just a feeling, a familiar warmth. She’s added a teensy bit more of a heavy club beat to her sound with King Felix, and it only means that Halo can bring as much light to our late nights as she has to every other time of the day. Spring is out next week on Liberation Technologies.

Stream: King Felix, “SPRING 02″

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