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ShadowBox, "AM" and "Running Like a Ghost" MP3s


ShadowBox is the solo project of Brooklyn’s Bonnie Baxter, who has released two new songs today via Pictures, paving the way for an EP, Haunted By Colors, later this summer. On "AM," Baxter sounds a bit like a Fever Ray, her mournful voice processed and tough, blustering like a storm cloud over gutter-dragging synths and eroding digital drums. On "Running Like a Ghost," she changes tack nearly completely, swapping the electronic thrust for a swirling, finger-plucked guitar, like she's found shelter from the "AM" rain in a crypt. It's rare to see these two styles paired together so well—sort of folk, sort of house—and the juxtaposition points to only exciting things to happen in the space between on the new EP.

Download: ShadowBox, "AM" and "Running Like a Ghost"

ShadowBox, "AM" and "Running Like a Ghost" MP3s