“I Don’t Like” Producer Young Chop Unhappy with Kanye West’s Chief Keef Remix


Young Chop, the 18-year-old producer of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” is displeased with Kanye West‘s remix of the track, which debuted yesterday on Chicago’s Power 92. “Fuck that remix,” Chop said last night on Twitter, before discussing the release with Chicago’s DJ Moon Dawg:

I’m mad as hell, I’m mad as fuck, for the simple fact that they did not ask me to change up shit in my beat. How the fuck did they add another melody over the instrumental? These motherfuckers is playing me and I don’t give two fucks, I will sue the shit out of Kanye West…They didn’t ask me for none of that, I don’t fucking like that. I made a fucking sound, so you supposed to stay with my fucking sound. The beat is fucking hard by itself. That shit don’t sound the same, it don’t got the same feel.

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  1. wes says:

    co-signing chop on this one

  2. comehomenow says:

    Sorry bro, that’s why they call it a remix.

  3. kareem says:

    kanye’s extra pretentious with the production accents. it was completely unnecessary and corny.

  4. Kareem says:

    kanye’s extra pretentious with the production accents. on a consistent basis. what he added to the track production wise was both corny and unnecessary. nigga added flugle-horns or whathaveyou just for the simple fact that he can say he added flugle-horns to the shit.

  5. modi says:

    …idk bro. that auto-tune ad-lib ye has on his verse and his verse alone is…NUTTY. and the beat sounds more polished. it’s kanye. kanye can’t make a better polished beat than young chop! ever!

    but i hear what he’s saying though. lol ye shoulda at least asked.

    wait, did i just post on a comment section like i know these guys? yikes. my bad. i’m just behind my computer screen.

  6. Wade Wilson says:

    Kareem and Wes quit bitching it is called a remix. And Chop should be happy people outside of the chi even know who he is now. Funny how all these years fools crying for Ye to put them on and as soon as he does they want to run they mouths like he owes them something. Chop shut up and be happy that man just put u on the map.

  7. rommel babiera says:

    can’t really sue for anything if he’s giving it away for free, can you? young chop needs to get his knowledge up.

  8. David Drake says:

    actually he is the rights holder

  9. Titties robinson says:

    I’m with chop, shit sounds wack. Fuck getting ‘put on the map’. Who cares if you’re gonna fuck up a niggas beat? Ye should have had chief guest on something new of his own, rather than shit on chops pancakes and serve it grinning. Punk bitch.

  10. rommel babiera says:

    i understand he’s the rights holder but if there is no money being made on the track, what is he suing for? isn’t that the whole thing about making music and giving it away for free? even if you use other peoples shit or remix it and it’s not to their liking there is no money being made.

  11. chief keef says:

    Can you blame him? You can’t take someones beat with out premission!