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Katie Got Bandz, "Ridin Round and We Drillin" MP3

While Katie Got Bandz' debut single "I Need A Hitta" might have seemed like a one-off hit from a teenage amateur, her follow-up releases, particularly the Block On Da Trakk-produced anthem "Ridin Round and We Drillin," have proven that there's a lot more to Kiara Johnson than first meets the eye. Rap blogger The Martorialist recently made the argument that Lil Durk had released the song that best epitomized Chicago's burgeoning drill rap scene, but a case could easily be made for this track. It has the same grim, deadpan flow preferred by South side teens, a horror movie production style and is dense with local slang (We droppin thots, if they opps, pidd.) The hook, much like "I Need a Hitta," is incessantly catchy, and the song's existence basically demands a local all-star remix.

Download: Katie Got Bandz, "Ridin' Round and We Drillin'" (Prod. by Block On Da Trakk)

Katie Got Bandz, "Ridin Round and We Drillin" MP3