Stream: A Dancing Beggar’s Ghosts EP

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For his new Ghosts EP, English ambient producer A Dancing Beggar compiled one new track and four remixes drawing from his beautiful 2011 album Follow The Dark As If It Were Light. Beggar’s music is intensely sentimental, full of long drones for staring into the backyard and mournful stretches of his voice like he’s falling into a river in slow motion, and part of the joy in the EP is hearing the solemn mood broken with new sounds. Franz Kirmann rolls in with light drum fills, and Sun Glitters contributes a typically thick and hypnotic piece, sounding like a bass synth in a clothes dryer. There’s an arresting wind chime remix by Kontakte, plus another more drone-centric take by the band’s Ben Worth, appearing as threethings. Added up it’s an incredible package, like sunlight hitting a gem and refracting in new directions. Ghosts comes out on May 21st.

Stream: A Dancing Beggar’s Ghosts EP

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