Video: Kitty Pryde, “Okay Cupid”

One month after Daytona Beach teen Kitty Pryde released her Beautiful Lou-produced song “Okay Cupid” on her Bandcamp, inaugurating a run of fawning interviews with Portals, Mishka and Vice, she retweeted maybe the aptest description of her yet: “the jail bait Hayley Williams of Rap.” With an innocent giggle, a pouty bottom lip with “Prince$$” tattooed on the inside and a ’90s baby’s openness to social media—last week she posted a series of prom photos on her Tumblr, which also features a reaction video to Lil Ugly Mane and a photo of her smiling behind Lil B’s book—Kitty Pryde has fallen into the role of the internet’s preeminent coy white girl rapper, possibly the first person to ever hold the title.

Though she has released an EP, The Lizzie McGuire Experience, Kitty’s two best songs came after it: “Okay Cupid” and “Justin Bieber.” She shines by balancing young love talk—I wrote your name on my binder and everybody laughed at me, on “Okay Cupid”—with young sex talk, like her opening lines of “Bieber”: Boys are like milk and they expire if you’re late on em/ It’s legal for me, I don’t even have to wait on em. Together, the tracks form a tight pair about earnest crushes from afar, eerily foreshadowing Kitty’s own potential place as an idol among nerdy males. She’s funny and clever, with a distinctive voice and a unique perspective (in rap, at least), even if sometimes it’s hard to separate her music from ideas about what it all means.

The goof-off video for “Okay Cupid,” her first since signing with Main Attrakionz‘ managers, stars Kitty and two friends—one wearing a Star Wars mask and the other in a hat that says “White Trash Bachelorette”—drinking tall boys, googling photos of unlikely heartthrob Danny Brown and shopping at yard sales. High school era. Young shit, dumb shit. Referencing The-Dream and doing karaoke to Frank Ocean in the same song. Being cool by not being cool, or at least not to the confused people around you. And, most importantly, smiling anyway, putting on your Yeastie Girlz T-shirt and making something like-spirited strangers just might obsess over.

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  3. Communista says:

    Seriously? it seems like all you have to do is be a cute hipster girl with a nice camera and rhyme some words in order to get any kind of Rap buzz. or mentioned on this site. Or that you have to surf on some trend regardless of your over simple lyrical content but with cute beats. Whatever happened to originality or artists without access to nice cameras and editing software?
    I love Lil B but I kinda blame him for this new pandemic.

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  5. that guy says:

    co-sign and LIL B sucks too.

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  7. Adam says:

    I can’t decide what’s more depressing: Kitty Pryde being an invention of some intrepid rap blogger bent on creating a Kreayshawn 2.0, minus the ugly “White Girl Mob” baggage and with a liberal dose of twee, or a teenage girl who is capable of synthesizing so many different internet memes and checking off so many boxes necessary for Internet buzz (she crushes on Danny Brown! She’s got a Yeastie Girlz t-shirt! She loves Frank Ocean!) that she doesn’t need some hyper-aware Svengali, no not at all, all she needs to do is to spend a few months on Tumblr and she’s pretty got this Internet fame thing figured out.

    This could be an awesome time for female rappers, what with all kinds of rap rules being broken every day, but shit like this is so lacking in humanity that it makes all unorthodox rappers seem like gimmicks.

  8. S says:

    Wow…you have to be kididng me. This is god awful.

  9. Earnestine says:

    Ouch. That was pretty bad. Why didn’t anyone tell her she needs more work before she puts out a song? The delivery was horrible.

  10. gk says:

    adam spits that real shit. may based god have mercy on us all.

  11. netdude says:

    adam! so true. there is nothing good about this track, except that the chick is kinda cute. you play this song next to that new sasha gohard joint and its clear this chick cant rap and that beat is weak. bloggers who post this should be embarrassed.

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  13. seriously says:

    dude this bitch stole this beat that she’s rapping on.
    she deserves no press.

    REAL CREDIT goes to and for the dopeness.

    fuck kitty pryde.

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  16. Jay Campbell says:

    This so far into the “this isn’t for me” camp I feel almost silly making a value judgement one way or another on the track. If it is indeed genuine, which I’m pretty sure it is- she’s been bouncing around releasing tracks for a while, then good for her- not my jam, but I’m not a 16yo girl.
    The beat is certainly not stolen though- it’s by Beautiful Lou

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  18. anne says:

    wait but she’s wearing a yeastie girls shirt!!

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  20. Phlik says:

    not liking a song is fine, but the venom here is a bit silly, isn’t it? get over yourselves!
    i kinda like it.

  21. moe-luv says:

    girls are the worst

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  24. says:


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  26. tony says:

    ugh. you see girls putting actual effort into their shit on low budget like azealia, then when you turn around and see checklist unoriginal shit like this – clams casino-like beat, namecheck fader rappers – and you wonder whether it’s worth being original or if it’s better to just ride the zeitgeist wave of the moment by firing up garageband and dressing well.

    don’t mean to sound bitter but after this month’s Fader magazine letter from the editor, which does a great job of pledging to get the tastemaking right and doing right by both fans and artists, posting this shit seems like like most trite exercise in blogging and the exact opposite of what Fader promised to do. Fuck this. There are thousands of kids on Youtube doing this same thing, except they don’t get here because they’re not wearing cool stockings and namedropping Frank Ocean. I expected more of this place – a lot more.

  27. RIDETHEPRIDE says:


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