Video: Darkside, “A1″

Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington), give their dread-inducing-then-quietly-ecstatic “A1″ a cinematic treatment from Pomp & Clout, with a bunch of post-apocalyptic bedouins roaming the desert digging for crystals. For anyone raised on Star Wars (or the Ewok spin-off series with that curly blonde-headed girl), Indiana Jones and The Dark Crystal and terrified by a number of masked ’80s horror villains and Mad Max (i.e. ME), this video is going to be a very fertile place to you dwell for the next six minutes. It doesn’t really have anything to do with any of those things, but still! The song’s eerie refrain, I thought it wasn’t too far repeats over and over again, and part of me just wants to watch—and listen—to these dudes search forever.

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