Stream: Bam Spacey’s Land EP


Bam Spacey, the production alias of Malmö, Sweden’s Magnus Johansson, has at last prepped his debut EP, Land, for the great little label Ceremony. Despite its terrestrial name, Land is music for star gazing, with bright marimbas bouncing off meteors and little starry dots forming hearts if you squint just right. Johansson sings in Swedish, only enhancing the blissfully dizzy effect of his music. The EP’s evocative and sensitive but never hits emotions on the nose, preferring to brush them on the cheek. It’s not just the language barrier but also the swirling, minimal techno-indebted electronics that keep Land’s mood a little ambiguous, leaving you wondering whether its songs are about falling in love or out, or dealing with both feelings in the same hot tub. Land is out today, digitally and in a limited run of 12-inches.

Stream: Bam Spacey’s Land EP

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