Stream Lil B’s Classical Album Choices and Flowers


Lil B has released his self-professed “classical music” album, 95 minutes of atonal synth noodling with no lyrics, distributed officially under the pseudonym The Basedgod. A puzzling and center-less listen, Choices and Flowers sounds like an instrumental version of Rain in England, Lil B’s new-agey spoken word LP released on vinyl last year. Sadly, it’s not classical music by any stretch of the imagination, but the cover art’s a Marlene Dumas-esque godsend. The album’s available now on iTunes and streaming in its entirety on Spotify.

Stream: Lil B’s Choices and Flowers

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  1. KKCCC says:

    not into the politics of coerced use of proprietary data-mining platform

  2. cos says:

    @KKCCC AND Fadr: tru dat

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  4. jdub says:

    uhhhh- it’s def “classical music,” It’s like the unpulsed minimalism of John Luther Adams or- and it’s got echoes of Copland-esque pan-diatonicism.

  5. jdub says:

    also- when are pfork and fader gonna get over albums being “centerless?” It’s 2012 y’all!