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Mach Five f. Gangsta Boo, "Turn Up Juice" MP3

Mach Five is Corey Davis and A.Ware, an Atlanta duo who linked up as teenagers in 2007 and selected their moniker based on the "live fast, die young" attitude of the 1960s cartoon Speed Racer. Aside from churning out tracks at a rapid pace, the pair also founded culture blog/magazine Greedmont Park in 2008 and have a hand in the annual Atlanta Indie Fest. They've dropped two free EPs—Ratchet Shit Vol. 1 and Vol. 2—already this year, the first of which included a standout collaboration with Danny Brown on party anthem "Molly On My Tongue." Now, Mach Five present "Turn Up Juice," another homage to good times, featuring Memphis' Gangsta Boo. Not be confused with turnip juice (a great source of calcium), the three praise an elixir that will make you the life of the party over an appropriately heady, chirping beat.

Download: Mach Five f. Gangsta Boo, "Turn Up Juice"

Mach Five f. Gangsta Boo, "Turn Up Juice" MP3