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AlunaGeorge, "You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix)" MP3


Bondax—a pair of 17-year-old, Lancaster-hailing producers mutually fond of "romantic vibes,"—share their remix of AlunaGeorge's fetching "You Know You Like It," first played this afternoon on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show. The smoldering, bassy churn of the original has been strapped into sneakers and quickened to a jog, accompanied by singer Aluna Francis' vocals pitched up, just so, to a brilliantly cocksure chirp. The song's focus shifts too, from Francis' steely You know you like it but it drives you insane refrain to the goofier, more inclusive I just wanna have some fun. As a cherry on top, there's a rewarding steel drum at the close, like a good-mood soundtrack for eating sour gummies on the curb after abs class at the gym.

Download: AlunaGeorge, "You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix)"

AlunaGeorge, "You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix)" MP3