Stream: Cosmic Sound, “Bear Aura”

cosmic sound

Stephen Harris, the Houston production wizard behind last year’s incredible VHS tape/album Cosmic Sound II, has found a new home for his 2010 LP VHS Vision, previously self-released in a bit of confusing foreshadowing using the alias Cosmic Sound. For the work of a career circuit-bender, VHS Vision opens surprisingly, ushered in by birds and acoustic guitar, before swan-diving into a nice mix of driving electronics and touching lyricism, with the two sides blended most affectingly on “Little Flower.” My favorite sound is on “Bear Auras,” though, where bright synths fall like shooting stars and glitter bombs around a wild monologue about Jesus and electricity. The album’s out now via Crash Symbols, available digitally and on limited edition cassette tape.

Stream: Cosmic Sound, “Bear Aura”

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  1. taylor says:

    it’s Farris.. not Harris

  2. Clark says:

    “farris” not harris

  3. noddy says:

    farr farr inte har har