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Download Kitty Pryde's Haha, I'm Sorry EP


Kitty Pryde, the endlessly giggling 19-year-old Florida rapper whose low-key "Okay Cupid" video propelled her from an over-sharing Tumblr to a two-page New York Times story, has released her first music since, a fleeting 13-minute EP entitled Haha, I'm Sorry. The self-proclaimed "rap game pest" is still endearing, working her weird version of adoration on tracks like "Give Me Scabies," though she loses some of her naiveté's charm on more self-serious, rap critic-addressing songs like "smiledog.jpg" (and to a lesser degree on "Orion's Belt," where her I can rap hook is seriously overshadowed by Riff Raff’s more polished version on not caring). Haha, I'm Sorry features expectedly solid production by Beautiful Lou, SELA and fellow Orlando-ite Grant. Kitty makes her Brooklyn debut this Friday.

Download: Kitty Pryde's Haha, I'm Sorry EP

Download Kitty Pryde's Haha, I'm Sorry EP