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Azealia Banks, "Aquababe" MP3

It's been all peaks and valleys for Azealia Banks in the past few weeks, the positives coming with the release of her first EP, 1991, and her Mermaid Ball at Bowery Ballroom two Sundays back. But she's still stressing media attention, and recently declared herself out of the rap game, deleted her Twitter (her account's already been reinstated, after just a couple down days), and said she's just a vocalist. It's hard to tell whether that last statement is true, as she raps as buoyantly as ever on "Aquababe," a collaboration with Machinedrum from her upcoming Fantasea mixtape, due out July 4th. The track was originally called "Regis Chillbin" and produced by Eprom. According to Banks, the version below is a remix. The video for "Liquorice" is expected today, as well.

Download: Azealia Banks, "Aquababe"

Azealia Banks, "Aquababe" MP3