Watch Three New Riff Raff Videos, Including “Orion’s Belt” with Kitty Pryde

Never one to play it conservatively, Riff Raff just released three new videos in the span of a half-day. Above is the Noisey-premiered boardwalk flick for “Orion’s Belt,” his Beautiful Lou-produced collaboration with Daytona Beach’s reigning red-haired giggler, Kitty Pryde, off her new EP, Haha, I’m Sorry. Then below we’ve got “Porsche Cayenne,” a great cut from his 2011 Sour & Gunpowder LP, plus “Versace Python,” after the live snake he wears as a bracelet, a melancholy, straight-to-laptop-mic freestyle video that features Riff Raff snorting coke on camera. Today, Mad Decent finally announced they’d signed him to the label, commemorating the deal with a party tomorrow in LA. Riff Raff’s new album, entirely produced by Harry Fraud, is planned for release on July 4th.

Riff Raff’s comments on his “Porsche Cayenne” video deserve a screenshot as well:

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  1. Hasan says:

    Funniest shit ever. I wonder if he knows he’s not rapping next a Porsche Cayenne?

  2. axem says:

    love his singing voice. add some delay and he’d be at home one a “witch house” or wtfever record


    @axem — he said he USED to drive a porsche cayenne, so having one in the video would actually be negligent & irrepresentative.