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Cup, "I'm Just Fighting" MP3


Following their Realism LP for Cascine last year, an album that both sounded like ’90s Paula Abdul and featured the singer as a guest vocalist, Finland's Shine 2009 have reconvened under a new moniker, Cup. Their first single, "I'm Just Fighting," sounds totally different but just as amazing, playing like a more delicate version of strong-drummed Dutch gabber and a more human version of apocalyptically pitched-up nightcore. Later this summer, Cup will self-release a full-length called Red Book, after the name of Carl Jung's private journal cataloguing his self-induced hallucinations. In Jung's spirit of putting it all out there, the band recorded each song in a single sitting, which might seem rushed if their music didn't possess the condensed emotional weight of a life's worth of squinting into the sun.

Download: Cup, "I'm Just Fighting"

Cup, "I'm Just Fighting" MP3