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Stream: Woods, "Cali in a Cup"

At some point in the last couple years Woods became a career band. You know the kind. The questions go from "Is this going to be the record that catapults them into megastardom?" to "What are they going to explore this time around?" It's rare that a band is able to make it long enough to actually become a career band, but considering the fact that the upcoming Bend Beyond LP is Woods' SEVENTH album, we'd say they're comfortably there. So what do they do on this record? They get darker than usual, heavier than usual, and then they tie it all together with the kind of sun-dappled psych that made them so great in the first place. "Cali in a Cup" might sound like classic Woods, but placed in context with the rest of the record, it's a reminder that when you've got a solid discography behind you, a wealth of opportunities and a chance to experiment stretching out ahead of you, you can still mess around with old ideas and have them sound great. "Cali in a Cup" is out on limited 7-inch August 14th, and also shows up on Bend Beyond, which is out September 18th on Woodsist.

Stream: Woods, "Cali In A Cup"

Stream: Woods, "Cali in a Cup"