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Video: Active Child, "Johnny Belinda"

You Are All I See, Active Child’s album from last year, ultimately felt like it went under the radar a bit. There were a lot of great jams on it, including a duet with How To Dress Well, that was a daring and admirable move on the part of both artists. The whole record was tastefully produced, blending gorgeous twinkling harp with low bass rumbles. "Johnny Belinda" was a personal favorite, expertly synthesizing everything that made Active Child so interesting in the first place (that voice! the unwavering dedication to making the heaviest songs ever!). Now, there's a beautifully-shot video to go with the track. Mostly it's just Active Child's Pat Grossi wandering through somewhere really lush and green as a storm rolls in. It feels like the perfect visual accompaniment.

Video: Active Child, "Johnny Belinda"