Hear Skrillex Remix Birdy Nam Nam and Teki Latex

Birdy Nam Nam, the veteran French DJ collective whose live set consists of four men and four turntables, have forged an unlikely union with their new EP, bridging their brand of Parisian electro with the reigning champ of American mainstream dance, Skrillex, who’ll release Jaded Future through his label OWSLA. The two songs featured here—above is “Cadillac Dreams” and below is “Goin’ Down,” as remixed by Skrillex, with the controversial hair-man’s version expectedly screeching at points but hardly abrasive—are still distinctly French, partially thanks to one of country’s most lovable voices, Teki Latex, providing vocals on both. “Cadillac Dreams” is surprisingly delicate, with a gentle synth riff interrupted only by a nearly song-stealing single strike of a triangle, but there’s a confidence to Birdy Nam Nam’s handling of bass that Skrillex drills right into and inflates, Reebok Pump-style. Combine their styles with a grinning Teki, and you might just find a jam.

Stream: Birdy Nam Nam, “Goin’ In (Skrillex’s Goin’ Down Mix)”

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  1. Greg Starr says:

    How ironic is that. This guy tekilatex spend 90% of his time hating on skrillex and his music. Must be really painful. Way to go skrillex!

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