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Download Lil B's Task Force Mixtape

After Lil B’s properly mastered Rich After Taxes mixtape, he's once again turned the levels all the way up, releasing his perpetually blown-out Task Force, ripe with brutally noisy cooking tracks only lightened by adlibs in B's nerd voice—Oh, toody-loo! Eleven bitches on my dick, haha cool. And it's as if by leaning an ear into a maxed-out speaker, B has drowned out the bad thoughts, filling the tape, too, with guru-type songs like "Hell on Earth," the mixtape's best entry in Lil B's burgeoning "I Love You" microgenre, all grand piano, strings and talk about babies. Keep "Spontaneous Combustion" for the trophy case, and "Myself," with the tape's standout line: I'm reporting from the hood like the government should/ But they don't come around, except probation.

Download: Lil B's Task Force Mixtape

Download Lil B's Task Force Mixtape