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Video: Kindness, "That's Alright"

In "That's Alright" Kindness’ Adam Bainbridge drew inspiration from DC's go-go scene, building the song primarily around samples of Trouble Funk's "Still Smokin’." For the video, he decided to take it one step further, eliciting the band to perform the song live with him joining the ranks as the "slightly overwhelmed Brit at the back of the stage." "Playing with Trouble will remain one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of my life," says Bainbridge. "Bands like these are few and far between. I hope we manage to capture something of the musicality and vibrancy of the go-go scene, and cement a little more the legacy of the incredible players, song writers and talents who compose these bands—those still gigging, moving a crowd and finding that sweet 'socket' together."

Video: Kindness, "That's Alright"