M.I.A. Shares Details of New Album


This morning, M.I.A. shared details of her upcoming fourth LP in a Twitter Q&A with fans:

According to M.I.A., the album will be released in December, along with a book, documentary film and art exhibition. The tracklist is “still in the making”—between 5 and 15 tracks will land on the album. (“Bad Girls” will definitely be one of them.) M.I.A. claims here will be “no collabs” and, in a not-so-subtle blow to ex-friend Diplo, says she’ll only work with producers “that dont act like fame whore coloniser.” The album, “a fuck you” to her industry critics, will sound like “Paul Simon on acid” and taste “sweet and sour bitter and salt and HOT !”

Watch M.I.A.’s thrown-together preview video for April’s “Come Walk With Me” below. The song was included in a potential tracklist M.I.A. posted to Twitter yesterday.

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  1. Celia MONDE says:

    Dear Miss Mathangi,

    As a an early follower I am trying to understand where you’re coming from. But at the end of the day Yourself & Mr. Wesley shared something on so many levels.Wether its a matter of fate or right time,right place. There’s no need to throw shades at him(At least publicly). Thank you both for keep on sharing with us your talent.
    All the best and much love from Cameroon.


    After two Fader covers, some average albums, and a completely choreographed middle finger at the super bowl (that made her look more dumb than badass), it sounds like MIA cannot accept the fact that she never really got that famous. If she would, like that producer she so despises, come to understand that being honest about her need for attention and admit that her “personality” is just a show, she might not be so annoying. I’d rather go to dance my little butt of at a Diplo concert anyway.

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