Dream Hampton Claims Nas Used Ghostwriters


Update 4/16/2012: Jay Electronica has denied that he ghostwrote lyrics for Nas. He wrote on Twitter:

Stic.man of Dead Prez, also named as a Nas ghostwriter, addressed the rumors in a post to his Facebook page, saying he and Nas were collaborators:

Nas is one of the if not the most prolific original lyricist to EVER do it. My contributions to his album was a collaboration and an honor and under his direction of what he wanted to convey and say. Haters cant discredit that man’s genius. Nas is the Don.

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Last night writer and director Dream Hampton claimed that Nas used ghostwriters for his untitled 2008 album, commonly known as the Nigger LP. Asked why Jay-Z hasn’t made an album as provocative as Nas’ ninth disc, Hampton claimed that Nas solicited help from Jay Electronica and Stic.man of Dead Prez for that album’s songs:

As Smoking Section points out, Frank William Miller Jr., an employee at New York’s Hot 97 when Nas’ untitled album was released, supported Hampton’s claims last night on his blog, writing, “The day Jay [Electronica] called me at work to tell me he was ghostwriting for Nas was a hard day for me…I was happy for Jay Elec, but he basically speared a childhood music hero and make a sock puppet out of him.” Hampton, co-author of Jay-Z’s book Decoded and the first female editor of The Source, went on to praise Nas’ writing as well as Dead Prez’ 2004 album, Revolutionary But Gangsta, saying she hopes rappers will continue to create radical albums.

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  3. Ervin says:

    Hard to belive, i still dont understand why it took 4 yrs for this to be put on the spotlight. Yes he was more on the conscious side of hip hop at the time with the contoversial title but for people to say that it was ghost written NAH. I remember when the album dropped, people werent feeling it because he was on some conscious state of mind. I listen to his albums at least once a week and I can’t tell that it’s written by someone else. Sorry but i dont believe it at all.

  4. joe says:

    “i was discussing belafonte”

    dream hampton a dumb bitch lol

  5. jones says:

    Who cares? Snoop has been writing his stuff together with other people for years. If the music is good, it’s good.

  6. You didnt post all of what Stic.Man posted to his twitter. The following statement (directly from his facebook) said that him and Nas collaborated on some hooks, some beats, and he did a litle bit of writing for Nas.

    Also, Jay didnt deny that he wrote for Nas, he said Nas doesnt need any ghostwriters.

    Either way Nas is still one of the GREATEST! to never be lost or forgotten