Jay Rock, “YOLA” (Prod. by Dave Free) MP3


If you’re exhausted by Drake’s acronym for sorority girls’ favorite reason to do anything—You Only Live Once—then Jay Rock’s gruff new track “YOLA” is for you. The Dave Free-produced cut is a reminder that at one time anything that began with Y-O-L was a reference to quality cocaine, as made a rap touchstone by Bay Area rap group 11/5′s 1996 album A-1 Yola. Rock may be bragging about his penchant for hard white, but it’s also a nod to his California roots.

Download: Jay Rock, “YOLA” (Prod. by Dave Free)

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  1. AVid8io says:

    TDE is so above everyone else in HipHop right now it’s not even close. Not even remotely close. We’ve got four guys with intellectual ideas, amazing flows, a tight core of producers and sense for melodies. I say it again, nothing touches what these guys put out at the moment.