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Video: Twigs, "Ache"

Right now, Twigs is on the cover of i-D magazine, photographed by Matthew Stone, with the word "Love" scripted on her forehead, curled out of hair. She's winking at you. It's the Just Kids issue, and written much bigger than her name is the word "youthful." With just two songs released, Twigs' cover is more symbolic than crowning, as no one knows who she is. When I saw the cover, I certainly did not; I thought she was a model. Which is always a perfect place to start a career in anonymous, icy R&B. But she's riding with the cool kids and is making music good enough that I have a feeling she'll stick around. "Ache" is undoubtedly one of the best songs this year, simple and creepy, with a breathy refrain: I I I I ache ache ache for you you you you. Twigs' voice is meek but warm, quiet not out of submission but seduction. Sometimes, she's just talking in a dazed British sing song. It's enthralling, and it sounds a lot like a grown up Grimes, much less intrinsically sloppy. There is very little information about Twigs available online, I'm guessing very purposefully (though her Instagram does featured a great photo of a wet bunny). Both of her videos, directed by Grace Ladoja—including the much lesser song "Hide"—are tantalizingly strange. "Ache" features a man in a mask that looks an awful lot like Bane's, except this guy's is made out of Air Jordans. He gyrates in fear, or maybe vogues in pleasure; who can tell? I ripped this song from YouTube three days ago and have listened 40 times. More, please.

Video: Twigs, "Ache"