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Roach Gigz and IamSu!, "Ain't a Thing" MP3


Preeminent Bay Area rappers Roach Gigz and IamSu! have teamed up again for their latest single "Ain't a Thing," a laid-back track meant to brush aside bandwagon groupies and critics alike. Over breezy strings and a Jethro Tull-inspired flute loop, Gigz and IamSu! cooly trade verses about their rhythmic prowess, firmly quashing any doubts from perceived detractors. The song was produced by SMKA, and will feature on the Atlanta-based crew's collaborative mixtape with Thizzler On The Roof, called Darkest Before Dawn, later this year.

Download: Roach Gigz and IamSu!, "Ain't a Thing"

Posted: September 06, 2012
Roach Gigz and IamSu!, "Ain't a Thing" MP3