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Stream How to Dress Well's Album Total Loss


Next week, How to Dress Well, the R&B-ish project of sentimental music-obsessive Tom Krell, releases its second LP, Total Loss; today, Electronic Beats premiered a full-album stream. It's hard to find a record that—like a book of Nietzsche's aphorisms—you can so haphazardly click halfway into and find solid material to sustain you, and something excitingly different wherever you enter. On Total Loss, it could be the compelling, could've-been-1993-Mariah production on upfront standouts "Running Back" and "& It Was U," the fragile strings on "Talking to You" or the litany of plaintive I miss yous on "Set It Right." That last song, in which Krell lists 15 people he's lost, might be the lynchpin to loving the album: Do you empathize? How to Dress Well's Total Loss comes out September 18th via Acéphale in the US and Weird World everywhere else and is up for preorder now.

Stream: How to Dress Well's Total Loss

Stream How to Dress Well's Album Total Loss