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Download Lil B's Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape

Five years into this, it's still not especially clear what "based freestyle" means. With the increasingly rare exception of storytelling-type songs—his Myspace masterpiece "Live Twice" or "I Got AIDS"—just about any Lil B track could plausibly be off-the-cuff. Frozen’s status as a "based freestyle" mixtape doesn't really mean diminished lyrics, even if the tag needlessly lowers expectations, and it's not like he's using the framework to take on major beats. They're more of the customary "I swear I've heard this" variety. The first track, "I'm Golden," goes over Lil Wayne's Drought Is Over 2 gem "Scarface," circa 2007, while "Sleep By The Bay" uses DJ Screw's take on "Today Was A Good Day" and "Stay Frozen" employs a pitched-up Journey sample. The ultimate standout, "Thug Cowboy," is all-new, produced by Domeno. So, yeah, as usual with Lil B, heaven only knows.

Download: Lil B's Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape

Download Lil B's Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape