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Listen To About A Billion Songs From Ricky Eat Acid


Dummy Mag recently posted a roundup of 20 favorite Bandcamp pages. It ranged from classic record labels, almost complete archives from dudes like Nico Muhly to...this. Ricky Eat Acid is a one-man project (though collaborators do pop up) that more-or-less makes music explicitly designed to be part of the Bandcamp landscape. There's too much here to properly or even reasonably digest, but I'm starting at the top and just moving down, from ambient sketches to fully fleshed brooding electronics, there's a lot to like (and probably a lot to skip). Each album Ricky Eat Acid has posted on his page comes with his own notes. Often they're not much more then a when/how/why breakdown in one paragraph. But taken together while exploring his rich series of overlooked releases, a story emerges. It reminds me of that whole portion of Jonathan Lethem's novel Fortress of Solitude where he switches to first person narration, the main character now an adult and writing liner notes for a living. It's about losing yourself in the work of someone else as a way of understanding it, as much as it was about understanding why you cared about it. Why you should care about it. Why you do care about it, and there isn't a much more satisfying feeling than that.

Stream: Ricky Eat Acid's Bandcamp Page

Listen To About A Billion Songs From Ricky Eat Acid