Staff Selects Playlist: The Future of Rap


Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, alongside GEN Fs from our archives and playlists for each issue. This week, it’s Matthew Schnipper on the future of rap.

This Friday at Momofuku’s Ma Peche restaurant in New York City, I host an afternoon panel on the future of rap, along with NY Times critic Jon Caramanica and rapper Kilo Kish (above). We’ll be looking at the genre’s history and a some of the many curveballs it has served up in the recent past. From there, we’ll do our best to predict the future. Here’s a collection of songs that, for a host of different reasons (Drake’s embrace of house music, Kanye’s of Auto-Tune, Lil B’s of Paris Hilton, etc), have all diverged from what was once (maybe) a cohesive narrative. Tickets for Friday’s talk include lunch and are available here. See you there.

Staff Selects Playlist: The Future of Rap

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  1. searedscallops says:

    spotify doesn’t work in canada dawg. that sucks.

  2. connor says:

    dont worry this is pure garbage^

  3. clancy t says:

    such a noz list

  4. Nyquil says:

    the “staff” must not know shit about rap

  5. Ghost says:

    Fucking terrible playlist. TERRIBLE

  6. Dils Nick says:

    An “afternoon panel on the future of rap” at Momofuku in NYC is probably the LEAST hip-hop thing one could do.

  7. jeremy says:

    probably would have been nice to see a member from odd future, black hippy or ASAP? lol on riff raff over rocky or schoolboy q.

  8. Lazy Rebel says:

    This is all very passé. Plus, the future of rap ain’t on Spotify, it’s underground and everywhere but in a pre-formatted blog post.

  9. jlasoul says:

    This list makes me sad. If you want to call Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder label a ‘divergence’ or ‘the future of rap,’ that makes a little more sense. There’s nothing “futuristic” about a 5 year old auto-tune song or a bunch of double time hi-hat dirty south club tracks that Master P and No Limit were doing 15 years ago. Whoa, Drake made a house track, so did the Jungle Brothers in 1988. I hope the panel has good appetizers. Might be the only thing of substance there.

  10. i want to like this kish girl bc …well she’s black and in school and kinda cute in an androgynous way…but….she sucks. really bad. really.

  11. Urn from DC says:

    “An “afternoon panel on the future of rap” at Momofuku in NYC is probably the LEAST hip-hop thing one could do.”

    Yeaaaaah…what kinda whitewashed, bloggerati bullsh*t is this? Couldn’t even bring it to a DIY spot in Bushwick or BedStuy?