Video: Trimbal, “Confidence Boost (Harmonimix Remix)”

On September 24, James Blake will release a pair of remixes he engineered a few years ago for London grime MC and former Roll Deep member Trimbal. The R&S Records release marks the return of Blake’s Harmonimix alias, a project dedicated exclusively to taking other people’s tracks and psychedelically warping them (and you can listen to this 2010 remix he did for Lil Wayne if you have any doubts). Blake’s edit of Trimble track “Confidence Boost” has been floating around blogs for a few years now, but its darting beats and vocoder enhancements sound as alien and twisted as ever. Rollo Jackson’s new video for the track, a luminous montage of intimate gestures and “struck poses” (to harp on Trimbal’s motivational refrain), reaches quite a plateau of intensity with all the dissonant washes of sound. Blake, whom you can read more about in our FADER #72 cover feature, makes a cameo appearance as well.

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