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Stream: Savages, "City's Full" (Live in Nottingham Bodega)

It's telling that Savages, having barely released any music outside of a lone single, are following it up with a live EP. Listening to "City's Full," there's a sense of hugeness and echo in their music, like they couldn't be more vital than when they're in their element, playing live. It's interesting too—so much music right now is the domain of kids in their bedrooms, experimenting with software and layers and meticulousness. Meanwhile, Savages storm and sprawl across this track. It's muddy at times, but the energy is undeniable. It would be a terrible idea for most bands to make their first significant release a live one, but Savages have the guts, and more importantly, the chops to pull it off incredibly. Read our GEN F on the band and look forward to the EP, out digitally September 30th, and on vinyl October 8th on Pop Noire.

Stream: Savages, "City's Full" (Live in Nottingham Bodega) (via Pitchfork)

Stream: Savages, "City's Full" (Live in Nottingham Bodega)