Stream: Justin Timberlake f. Beyonce, “End of Time” (Brenmar Remix)

Brooklyn producer/babymaker Brenmar is at his best on this sweet, sweet song, a remix of a Beyonce and Justin Timberlake album cut from Timberlake’s 2006 record FutureSex/LoveSounds. Brenmar sneaks a flirty, flighty beat underneath B and JT’s sugary duet, giving it the reach of a true love epic and making me hope I can find a boo real quick when this comes on at the club.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alex. This is nice remix. I’ve been doing remixes for the past 10 years and worked with JT and Beyonce separate, I should have though to combine them together, but label never asked me to do that:))) this is very nice…

  2. cool mix. sounds like he was tryn to finish king tutt’s remix from back in the day. possibly inspired by big o & sliink’s cartel remix that dropped a few weeks ago as well

  3. sexcess1 says:

    Great mix- Take it up a notch and incorporate Beyonce’s End of Time from her album 4. Start with JT and end with Bey.