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Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Baio Remix) MP3


Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio takes on Young Dreams' massive "Fog Of War," adding subtle shades of digital dub and rounded percussion that turns the song from melancholy anthem to something much more upbeat. At least that's how it works on the surface. But on further listens, it's as if Baio has patchworked the track together from the tiniest of instruments: rattles click and whir, synths weave and pulse, there's even a stumbling steel drum (or something that sounds a lot like it) toward the end. It all makes for a sense of controlled busyness throughout, and it's a testament to the original that the feeling of youthful abandon shines through in a completely different iteration. Young Dreams' debut album will be out next year on Modular.

Download: Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Baio Remix)

Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Baio Remix) MP3