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Stream: Mikky Ekko, "Pull Me Down"

photographer Sandy Kim

Mikky Ekko is a Lousiana-born preacher's son and singer with a knack for soulful melisma and the perfectly expressive vocal crack. When he posted his anthemic break-out "Who Are You Really?" on the internet back in 2010, Clams Casino, who coincidentally reported to us about his Hurricane Sandy experiences yesterday, invited him to New York to work on some jams together. "Pull Me Down," a track that Clams co-produced from Ekko's forthcoming RCA debut, presents a strangely complementary meeting of two very different sound worlds, with Clams' sexily blunted synth loops taking some of the edge off Ekko's impassioned, arena-ready delivery.

Stream: Mikky Ekko, "Pull Me Down" (via Pitchfork)

Stream: Mikky Ekko, "Pull Me Down"