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Stream: Keyshia Cole f. Meek Mill, "Zero"


In two weeks, Keyshia Cole will release Woman to Woman, her fifth album and the follow-up to 2010's slow-selling Calling All Hearts. On a new track from the album, "Zero," she confronts her cheating man. Meek Mill provides the dude's perspective (I lied just to protect you!), arguing against throwing away a good relationship over one covered-up affair. Bottom line takeaway: couples may be able to survive a little straying, so long as everyone cares enough to apologize like they mean it. “[Men] should not have the attitude that, 'OK you can leave,'" Keyshia told Sandra Rose. "You obviously don’t care about the woman that you’re with. You should care more.”

Stream: Keyshia Cole f. Meek Mill, "Zero"

Posted: November 06, 2012
Stream: Keyshia Cole f. Meek Mill, "Zero"